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Fr Alex Frost

Vicar, podcast host and author.

Sorry I'm not Rev Kate Botley


Fr Alex Frost is the vicar of St Matthew’s the Apostle, Burnley, where he grew up.


He describes himself as the ‘fundamentally unemployable’ host of The God Cast, a podcast devoted to issues of faith and spirituality, which has featured celebrities such as Eamonn Holmes, Alastair Campbell, Edwina Currie, Dom Joly, George Galloway, Anthea Turner and football legend Lou Macari.


Ordained in 2015 after a mixed career working as a football referee, manager at Argos and a stand-up comic, Fr Alex is now a member of the General Synod for the Diocese of Blackburn.


He is married to Sarah and has three children.

More about Alex

Fr Alex made headlines when he featured in a 2021 BBC documentary The Cost of Covid – One Year On, which has been viewed over 12 million times since it was aired.
Running a food bank from a car park in Burnley, helping the desperate amid his flock as the pandemic raged, Fr Alex’s down-to-earth style of ministry struck a chord with people of all faiths, cultures and classes across the UK in a time when the divide between rich and poor widens cataclysmically.
The Church of England priest, who sports tattoos of his favourite band Depeche Mode, has become become a best-selling Author of his book 'Our Daily Bread, From Argos To The Altar, A Priest's Story'.
He has written for Seen and Unseen, The Belfast Telegraph, The Big Issue, The Church Times, The Fence Magazine and many other publications.
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