by Karen Herrick, Harlequin Arts

The weaving portrays the five marks of mission.

The warp threads (the ones holding the woven threads) depict the 5 marks of mission:

Tell, teach, tend, transform, and treasure.

Each strand is made up of several coloured wools, just as in mission the five words do not tell the whole story of each mark.

Mostly, there are 3 threads in each for strength as in the verse: 

“…a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Proverbs 4:12

Tell: orange and yellow threads for proclamation, hope, optimism, vibrancy and warmth, black with orange/ yellow tags that traverse the length of this thread, representing the many small things that make up the “telling” of the Gospel in our lives even through the dark times.

Teach: blues and purples representing security, truth, honesty, wisdom, creativity and enlightenment- all of which contribute to our ability to teach and understand well.

Tend: pink for caring and tenderness, red for love and energy, deep red as a reminder of the blood of Christ that enables us all to love as God loves us

Transform: Each thread transforms in colour along its length, indicative of the potential for transformation that God can bring in our lives and ministry

Treasure: The colour of each of the four threads represent the four seasons- the rhythm of the earth’s year that we are entrusted with -to treasure and care for.

The weft threads represent the many approaches of the various parishes in the diocese to mission.

Some threads stand alone; other thinner and weaker threads are woven alongside others to strengthen and heighten their impact.

Some threads are carried over one line, others over more.

Many threads are gifted from across the diocese and represent different parishes or churches.

All threads are different but all important in contributing to the whole- some subtle, some prominent- all different colours, textures and strategies that play to the strength of the churches and their communities.

Yet despite the diversity of difference, all can blend to create a shared mission that reflects the call of the church of God.

Some threads are knotted at the front deliberately, as a symbol of the importance to be authentic and transparent in our ministries, being able to admit our mistakes-but also depicting the strength created when we are willing to join with others to carry the threads forward in the pattern of our ministries…

The wooden frame depicts the effect of prayer that hold all together- our strong communion with God, solid like the oak it is made from, simple in appearance yet so complex, years in the making, growing little by little to full maturity.